Sunday, January 29, 2012

You just haven't lived until...

* you've bought sausage for your favorite driver....who is Muslim. Sorry about that, buddy.

* you've been able to keep up with how many points your country's team is scoring in a soccer game by how many times you hear the city around you erupt in unanimous cheering.

* you have a schedule for deworming. not the dog... you.

* your bill at the grocery store was over a million (Guinea Francs).

* you've bought the tastiest bread of your life...which the baker used his feet to roll out.

* you've spent thirty minutes talking to someone who doesn't know all.

* you've made (and iced) a delicious cake as a gift for a neighbor....who it turns out, is diabetic.

* you've been laughed at by the egg guy for shaking all the eggs before you buy them. (I tried to tell him it's the white girl way of telling a good egg but I think it was lost in translation.)

* someone has asked you for a Bible. (you mean people here don't have 3 on their bookshelf at home?)

I am convinced that there is a direct correlation between how much adventure a life offers and the number of vaccinations required for living said life.

And it took a lot of shots to get here.


  1. LOVE it! Good theory about the vaccinations!

  2. Bahahahahaa. Thia was a perfect reality for me today :) Love it. Please, please chronicle your stories for stones of rememberance and for us to laugh at one day when you return. :)