Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the Quiet

I fought every tendency to "do" today. Once the momentum of going and accomplishing was halted, I was surprised by how much thinking has gone on.
When I was a little girl I would lie on the grass, surrounded by cornfields and look at the sky. I would notice the shapes of the clouds and the blue canvas they decorated...and I would just think. I remember the quietness of it.
Today was a throwback to those times. Days like this won't get me on any Fortune 500 list. I'm not likely to be MVP of anything. 3 year old thinks I am very, very cool.

We had a Kung Fu battle. We kissed little chickens. We played football. We looked at pictures.
I read. I stared. I noticed lizards and birds and flowers and colors and architecture. I thought about smart things people have said and brave things people have done.
I like thinking. In fact...I think that when I return to the land of "doing"...if I decide "doing" will be better because I thought.

I feel sure there is more I could write about this...but I don't think I'll enjoy this glorious breeze as much if my eyes are open.

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