Friday, May 25, 2012

You know life is fun when you say things like...

*  Little Aggie, get your naked bootie out of the cheese!

*  Kids, you are getting really good at dodging taxis!

*  Don't you dare eat that apple without bleaching it!

*  No, my girls can't marry you. They're too young.  (It's amazing how often I've had to say this one to grown men)

*  Thanks for the advice, but I am pretty sure that WildHeart's sore throat isn't caused by constipation.

* Stop making sounds at that monkey and eat your dinner.

*  That really is you! Trust me! (when I tried to give a skeptical local friend a photograph of himself)

*  I only brought a million. I hope that's enough.

*  I wish you didn't have to leave the country to have a baby.  (miss you A*)

*  Curly girl, run outside and get a coconut chopped down for me.

*  Please don't spray the power outlets with the hose.

*  How many wives do you have?

*  Hi! It's me. The kids need another malaria test. (to our local nurse)

*  Wildheart, don't you ever let me catch you playing with dead bats again!

* Please don't show Little Aggie how to start a fire... Too late?....oh, darn.


  1. Those are priceless & made my day! My wild & crazy guys! Tia & Tio send love & hugs!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is absolutely priceless. I'm coming back here to read when I need a good laugh. Thanks for this y'all.

  3. Aww, I miss you too! Love this list! Do me a favor and tell your kiddos that I (and lipstick/spaghetti) say hello!