Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Some things make no sense.

I have a lot.  a lot.  but I catch myself thinking...and being greedy.
Today Little Aggie and I went for a walk. We passed one of the many hovels near our home.  The man standing in front of it holding a water pot handed Colt the piece of coconut he'd been washing off for himself.

Last week the kids and I watched My Man practice softball.  A couple of little boys wandered by to see.  One of them was wearing girls' shoes.  That's not unusual.  (Shoes are shoes and when you have none, you wear what you can get.) We had a small bag of lollipops that our precious ones in the States had sent to us.  My girls decided to give the bag to the two boys.  Those boys didn't have it but a few minutes before they were unwrapping a lollipop and putting it into Little Aggie's hands.

I am not like that.   

A few weeks ago I walked past a small group of ladies sitting on the ground eating their dinner, a communal bowl of rice.  I smiled.  They asked me to eat with them.  Just like that.

I am greedy...but I don't want to be.

Generosity is beautiful.  Not the tax-break, name on a plaque kind.  I mean the kind that gives when there's not much to give.  More than that...the kind that gives when there's not much to give...and is genuinely happy about it.  No cajoling, no heming and hawing, no forcing yourself to do it because it's right. I mean the kind that doesn't even think about it--it just sees another person and joyfully, without thought, extends a piece of food toward them.

That's good stuff.  


  1. I love this blog! Keep the good stuff coming and let me know what I can send y'all from the homefront.

  2. Same here -- we were walking in the market among merchants selling fruits and veggies. They work so hard to grow them, and sell them for a few cents for a pound. An old man took one of his apples and pressed it into G's hands. I wanted to pay him for it, but it would almost be offensive. I want to be more like that, too!