Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Bad Time
WildHeart and I sat on the floor where I was scolding her for teasing her brother.  "He is trying to be big and strong," I explained. "So when you call him girlie names it is just cruel."  
"Ok, mom," she conceded....
...as her brother walked in the room pushing a frilly pink baby carriage.

Great Time
I was in the nurse's office attached to an I.V. for 7 hours yesterday. I decided to read Helen Keller's autobiography.  The first chapters overwhelmed me with her descriptions of gardens and yards and fields.  My heart was aching for a place like that.  Chapter after chapter, hour after hour the desire for the beauty of those garden places continued.  As I turned another page in her beautiful story, the door to the room I was in opened.  A familiar ebony face entered with a blanket around her shoulders and a small red cup in her hands....
...filled with every color and kind of beautiful flower made into an arrangement for me.  She had just finished walking outside gathering flowers for me to brighten my room and my day. 

Not Now Time
So last night I completed my first full day of no major symptoms.  As I prepared for bed I told My Man, "I think tomorrow I will be good to go back to work."...
...and within an hour: "Moooooooom", Curly girl calls from her bedroom, "I don't feel good"  (cue the vomiting)  

Appointed Time
Somewhere in the night in the brief moments of rest between catching little girl vomit and giving the comforting mommy back rub, the thought came to me "What am I doing in Africa? It's too hard, too dark and too scary for me and I am too weak for it."...
...Then in morning worship a song with this verse came on,  "And in the darkness, GOD's light shines."  And with that HE encouraged me.  It is dark and scary, but JESUS shows up really well in that lighting.

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