Friday, October 19, 2012

Good Day

Yesterday was a good day.

A Muslim friend of mine stopped by to visit. I've known him since we first arrived in Guinea and could see that GOD was drawing him. He is hungry for truth, a GOD seeker.  And as we know--if you seek GOD, HE promises you'll find HIM.
He began to talk to me about the sacrifices of bulls and goats.
It was time.
 The LORD opened my mouth to tell him about a blood sacrifice that covers all sin once and for all.  Blood that, when it covers your heart, makes you right before GOD.  I told HIM about JESUS who stands in for us at the judgment, not just for the sinless life I needed, but also stands in for me for the perfect, right life that I couldn't achieve. I told him about Cain and Abel. (He knew about them.)  I told him about Abel who approached through blood and was accepted and about a blood that speaks better than the blood of Abel.  I told him that I can see he seeks truth and that if truth is what he really wants, GOD will give it.  "If you want HIM, HE will not refuse you". I assured him.
He answered, "I want HIM. I want HIM."
At those words, I choked up and managed to say "HE wants you!"
Even now, I can't stop the tears.  

Another good thing from my day. Curlygirl taught a darlin' little African girl to swing!  She's about 4 years old and never been on a swing.  It was great <3.

My Man fired one of our guards. I cried, the kids cried but to no avail. My Man was determined.  About 24 hours later, he told me he decided to show mercy and keep him.  That was good, but not the best part.  When I delivered the news, it wasn't just the guard who was grateful.  At some point in the day, our other employees came up to me and expressed their gratitude.  I don't mean that they just said "thanks". I mean, they responded as if they were the ones who were given the second chance.  It was so precious and so genuine. I was humbled by the way their lives were intertwined with their friend's.

This morning started with some hip hop worship and tears appreciating the GOD who loves to be worshipped in every style of music.

I think today is looking to be pretty good too...  

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