Friday, October 12, 2012

Lost Cause

In a world of expedience and convenience and love of all things shiny and new, I am grateful these days for a GOD who is all about lost causes.  What a contrast HE is to all of us…to me, especially.  I remember in the States, I had no time for things that didn’t function properly.  When my toaster broke, I threw it away and bought another. Why invest in repair? That takes time and after all, it’s so easy to just get a new one.
GOD isn’t like that.  In fact, I think HE really enjoys the process of taking the lost cause and making something wonderful, valuable and useful. 
By now, there’s no hiding that I am hopelessly addicted to list making. So let’s just go with it…

My favorite lost causes as of late:
In a country where worshiping JESUS is restricted that a lot of people wouldn't even bother, my friend told me of a girl who introduces herself to people this way:  “Hi, I’m ____, I’m a CHRISTian”  She attends a “secret” church but isn’t all that secret about it.  She obviously wants others to know about JESUS.  HE really is a hard secret to keep after all.  All that hope and joy and forgiveness HE gives just make HIM irresistible. <3

There are many CHRISTian churches here in Guinea, but some of them fly under the radar. They are secret churches for Muslims who serve JESUS.  I have heard of one woman in particular who spends her days covered from head to toe—literally—in black veil.  At meeting time, she enters the church, removes her veils and worships JESUS.  Then before she leaves, she redresses, and returns to her Muslim family.  Every time I see a black cloaked figure in the market now I wonder---is that really a lover of JESUS behind that veil?

My missionary friend tells how her parents were shocked to learn she was getting married…at almost 40 years old. She said they’d given up thinking she’d ever tie the knot. She has two kids now! Woohoo! Lost causes rule!

Guinea.  Undoubtedly a lost cause to many. But GOD sees something of value here (and it isn't the bauxite).  I see HIM pouring out HIS love and concern for the people of this land.  I see it in the Mercy ship choosing Guinea of all places to come to. I see it in the missionaries who've given up lives of convenience, lives where the holidays are filled with family to lives poured out for the LORD and poured into the people of Guinea. I see it in the way HE is quick to answer the prayers we pray for it.  A couple weeks ago,  when a couple friends and I gathered for prayer, the LORD led us to pray for a work in the government, specifically that corrupt, tainted leaders would be removed.  Three days after we prayed the President, in a surprise move to clean house, dismissed 11 Ministers in his administration who were linked to corruption and the military junta.

And finally, my most favorite lost cause:
This girl.

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