Thursday, December 22, 2011

Freedom Seekers

One of the very first things I learned about Guinea were the powerful words of former President Sekou Toure: "Freedom in poverty than prosperity in chains" It was a pivotal point in Guinea's history. Would they embrace the moment and claim their independence or take the safer road of allying with other nations at the cost of some of their freedom? I realize i have oversimplified an extremely complex history and that President Toure didn't turn out to be so great for his people, but he did utter words that I believe are practically prophetic. The nation is riddled with issues, grievous and devestating issues. However, this is a land of freedom seekers. I have been blessed to meet several in my few short days already.
There's Neena*- a beautiful woman who came here from a nearby nation where she lost her husband in a horrific civil war. She took her children and fled to Conakry for safety. She sings while she works.
Moses*- a man who always smiles except for when he told me how his country has all the resources it needs, but just can't figure out how to get it together to make it work. He hates that there is trash all over the ground. He loves this land.
Sty*- survived unimaginable horror in a nearby country. He came here to start a new life as a GOD seeker. He ended up a JESUS lover.

Everyone here has a story. I want to hear every single one.