Monday, December 26, 2011

Life in Conakry

Admittedly, it's presumptuous to write a post about life in Conakry when I have only experienced one week of life far. Perhaps I should re title this "My life in Conakry- Week One". Yes, that's much more appropriate.
We experienced a lot in just one week. Here are some of the highlights:
* My first trip to the grocery store. I use that term loosely, of course. The stores hardly resemble our grocery stores in the States. There is no one-stop shopping. You patronize one store that is best for vegetables, another for meat, another for get the point. The great thing about that, is that I have exponentially increased the number of Guinean friends I can make on shopping day! I spent most of my time in the stores deciphering labels, trying to determine what kinds of foods I am able to get here. My goal is that I will discover something to make for my family that is an improvement on the chicken (?) franks and olives we had my first night of cooking.
* I traveled to the very congested downtown of Conakry with a brand new friend. We had the opportunity to purchase cel phone chargers, maps of Africa, phone cards, towels, surge protectors and a variety of other things all conveniently from our car window. I was wildly impressed at the spirit of entrepreneurship buzzing around me. They almost sold me on a towel...
* Having church at home this Sunday morning with a new African friend. He asked a lot of good questions. My heart was rent when he confessed that he was afraid that if he got rich he would not love the LORD as much. Which touched and humbled me more: that the likelihood of him getting rich was so slim or that he loved the LORD so much he was afraid of anything that would draw his heart away? I am not worthy of these people.
* CHRISTmas was yesterday, or so I heard. We asked our friend how they celebrated in his house. He gave his wife a flower and his son a pair of shoes. Everyone was very excited, he relayed. I was glad that we had no presents. I love that they received more on CHRISTmas morning than we did...and it took us getting nothing for that to happen.
* Aaron dancing with orphans. Now, I am not sure who I was more jealous of. I didn't actually get to see it myself, though, I was home with a sick girl. Someone graciously took a video for us. I am glad. I don't think I would have been able to imagine it without it. I loved seeing the strength of my Man poised in gentleness toward the helpless of the world.

Life is good.

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  1. WOW! Can't even imagine. I have to put in a request for more pictures!