Thursday, December 29, 2011


You have to meet UJ. Everyone knows that my favorite people are my my Man, my Blessings, and my Parentals...but outside of them, there is no one I like better in this world than UJ.
I first met him when I was very young and I thought he was probably the coolest man in the world (next to you, Dad). In 35 years nothing has disproved this theory.
Even now, as an adult if I run into a problem, I want to know what UJ has to say about it.
He knows a lot of important people in the KINGdom...probably because he is important people! Yet, he has graciously invested in teaching and training me in the things of GOD. I hang on every word he says.
So, why is this girl posting about UJ at 2 in the morning? It's because he told me something once...maybe more than once...that is affecting my reality right now.
He told me that we are to be motivated by faith and not fear.
That sounds fairly simple and I suppose as a point of belief, it's a simple concept. But, it is not a simple thing to live as one's my reality.
About an hour ago, I was startled out of sleep by my Little Man falling from his bed onto hard tile. What is a good mother to do but immediately rouse from her sleep.... and quickly wake her husband to go take care of it?
My Man left to kiss battle wounds and I'm guessing, fell asleep in the boy's bed. That left me alone with the whisperings of the quiet, night hours. Many mothers, I think, are familiar with these.
I was thinking about some decisions My Man and I had made. Perhaps I should say, re thinking.
Faith not fear.
Faith not fear.
Faith not fear.
There is a lot to be afraid of in Africa. So far, I haven't really felt much fear. Now, though, as we are settling in, and making decisions...important decisions about our children and our family...I can see all the things that could go wrong, the dangers, the real dangers, that lurk.

Faith not fear.

How does this truth become my reality? I walk it. I walk by faith...not by fear. This means that what I believe isn't important if it doesn't affect my reality. I think this is what the book of James teaches: Faith that isn't your reality, is not a real faith. It's useless, in fact.
Right now, fear tells me, "Change your mind! Don't you realize what could happen?! Let me just tell you all the horrible things that are possible!"
Faith says, "GOD is good, HE does good. HE is righteous in all HIS ways and kind in all HIS deeds(Ps 145:17). Now, let tHIS truth be your reality, for with GOD all things are possible."

Faith not fear.

I'm feeling sleepy....

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