Monday, March 26, 2012

Shameless Bragging

A couple days ago someone referred to my husband as a rock star. I found it fitting since I have always thought of the kids and I as his groupies. We think he is totally cool.

A lot of words describe my Man: loyal, trustworthy, fearless, confident and untameable. But,no word is more fitting of him than this: wise.

Today as I was on my way home, I was wrestling with an issue in my head. I knew that in just a few hours I could just tell my Man about it and he would know exactly what to do. A wave of gratitude came over me. I get to be married to the wisest person I know and I feel completely safe in his decisions. What an honor. What a blessing.
You see, my man has a way of cutting right through all the complexities of a situation and bringing out the simple truth.
I realize how rare that is. I find that most people, including me, operate from an agenda. Sometimes it is a good agenda, but its still an agenda. When my man gives his opinion or advice I know there's nothing more going on than exactly what he is saying.

That's why I married him, you know. I live for the stage. What I present to others isn't always the reality of who I's usually a presentation of who I want to be. Not my Man. He is the same all the time. When we're home behind closed doors he is the same man that he is when he's at work...or church. That used to make me really nervous. Now, it makes me safe.

I spent part of our marriage thinking that my Man just wasn't very spiritual. I thought I was so godly and he was so rough and worldly. But, as time passed and I got to know MY JESUS more and more, I noticed that HE started to look a little HE reminded me of someone I know. I would learn something new about MY CHRIST and realize I'd already seen that truth somewhere.'s my Man. All along, it was my Man who was like JESUS. He was more like HIM than anyone else I knew. I was religious. He was CHRIST like.

We married as teenagers and grew up together. We have war stories and love stories---but all together, it makes our story.

I know that when I'm 100, I'll still be chasing my Man around the globe and letting him talk me into doing things that scare me. That's life with a wild Man.

I can't wait!

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