Saturday, April 7, 2012

HIS way

I thought I knew what life in Africa would be like for us. In the weeks before we left, the FATHER surprised me by telling me that it was not going to be what I expected. HE didn't tell me anything specific, just that it was not going to be what I thought it was.

TRUTH was right. TRUTH is always right.
If anyone else had tried to tell me that we would be doing and living the way we are here, I wouldn't have believed them. And even if I had, I would have been disappointed. This is not the life I expected or wanted. In fact, my way was so much more "godly".
One of my favorite and frequently quoted verses is this:
"Our GOD is in Heaven. HE does whatever HE wants" Psalm 115:3

Isn't that reassuring? I can't figure HIM out. I can't call the shots or make the plans or tell HIM what to do. HE doesn't do what I please. HE does what HE pleases.
That way I'm safe.

And you know what? I'm not disappointed.

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