Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Walk

Curly girl and I just got home from a walk.  We have been piddling around the house all day and about an hour ago I felt like taking a walk.  I immediately sensed the SPIRIT's approval.

Usually WildHeart is my walking buddy but oddly, today she didn't want to go and even more strange, Curly Girl did.  So, off we went.   
We had walked about twenty minutes and were turning a corner when a white dove (the first and only one I have seen here) flew right in front of us. It didn't land, it just flitted around right in front of us. We stopped in our tracks. It flew behind us and we turned around and watched. It didn't leave. It just hovered above in front of us for a few moments...long enough for us to recognize a strange thing was happening.  Then, it flew away. 
We both recounted our wonder at it and recollected that a white dove represented the SPIRIT in the Bible.  We kept walking.  Curly Girl spoke up, "Sometimes GOD says things to me and I don't know why HE says them. I want to know why HE says things."  
Then, she told me that HE had just told her that the dove was from HIM.  "Are you sure?" I questioned. (I was pretty sure myself.)  
"Yes".  So, as we walked we prayed a quick, easy prayer (UJ style) and just told the FATHER we were listening for whatever HE wanted us to know and asked for discernment.  

We continued on and down the road and at one point I got a sense that Curly Girl was about to share some insight on the dove from the LORD.  Instead, she said, "Are you thirsty?"
Not what I was expecting.  No, I'm not, I said.  Then I told her that I am often not thirsty when I should be and I'm probably dehydrated.  
"I'm thirsty a lot" she said.  I told her that was good and healthy! 

Our walk continued. We began to hear a commotion of cars honking.  We saw a caravan turning a corner and coming down the road we were walking. It was a wedding.  The first vehicle was a truck carrying a couple guys with video cameras in the back.  Right behind that was a black car with a bride riding in it.  I pointed her out to Curly Girl. 

My mind started churning....SPIRIT.....Bride...those words go together.   I told Curly Girl how interesting it was that we saw both a dove and a bride on this walk because there's a verse that says 'the SPIRIT and the Bride say come.  I didn't quote the rest of the verse because I couldn't remember it.  As we continued to walk, we prayed again, briefly and told the FATHER we were listening. 
(We were having a lot of fun with HIM.)

We reached home about 15 minutes later and I went to my computer to look up the verse.  I searched "SPIRIT and bride".  

1 result

"The SPIRIT and the Bride say, 'Come'. And let the one who hears say, 'Come'. And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life without price"   Revelation 22:17