Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tale of Two Parties- Part 1

Last week my Man threw a party of appreciation for the precious people who work for us and their families. There was music and dancing, and lots of food and laughter. One of my missionary friends told me how parties work here. Status is everything. Only the most important guests get meat (white people are a shoo in). Everyone else gets rice and sauce.

Not this party.

My Man spared no expense for them. I loved watching their faces when we handed them each a plate with meat on it. Priceless.

They thought it was strange for us to have a party for them, to serve them. It probably made us look good....and I hate that part of it because we knew better.
You see, we believe that JESUS came not to be served, but to serve others. We believe that if HE lived in our house, HE wouldn't be vying for the attention of the prestigious. HE would be serving the servants. HE does crazy things like that. So, we're just trying to keep up with our WILD MAN.
It turned out that our guests knew that all along. As the party was winding down, one of the men (a precious lover of GOD) called everyone's attention and announced that it was time to say thank you. My stomach got a little nervous. I prepared myself for a speech of us. I surprised and angered myself when for a moment, I actually wanted it to be that.

Instead, he broke out into a song of spontaneous thanks to GOD. In typical African style, everyone joined right in and sang with all their heart and all their voice! They thanked GOD for HIS abundance. They thanked HIM for HIS love and how much HE gives to them. They sang thanks for all the blessing that GOD has poured on them.

I smiled when they sang about abundance. They are right. They're not poor. They have been lavished by the MOST HIGH.
Woohoo! That's some truth!!! HE alone is worthy!!

"I AM the LORD and there is no other" Isa 45:5,6,18,22, 46:9 (HE said this a lot!)

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