Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Have you ever stood in front of a bakery counter surveying all the delectable pastries, unable to choose which one to indulge in? That's how I feel today. My lengthy break from blogging has resulted in a pileup of sweet moments to share. If I recollect correctly (it's been a while since I've been in one) I rarely make it out of a bakery with just one thing. So, I think I'll do the same today.
Here are the highlights of our last weeks.

* We were just leaving a little restaurant near our house. As we left we passed a large monkey crouched on the ground near a tree. Now, it is common knowledge that Little Aggie gives off an energy that terrifies animals, forcing them into a primal mode of self defense. So, why didn't I just carry Little Aggie to the car? Novice error. Before I had time to react, I saw the monkey open its mouth wide and let out a loud hiss. Then, it charged toward Little Aggie, leaped up and bit him on his arm before speedily retreating up the tree.
6 shots and two weeks later, Little Aggie was good as new. Ah, what is an African adventure without a series of rabies vaccines anyway?

* Our family took a boat ride to a small island off the coast of Guinea. We pulled up near its beach and waded into shore. After a brief hike across the island through beautiful African forest, we arrived at a clean, beautiful beach. It was a little surreal. I guess I didn't realize how much I have grown unaccustomed to seeing land that isn't devoured with trash. The kids splashed around in the waves all day. There were no near-drownings or rabid animal bites, so Little Aggie was getting bored. I think he was relieved when he found a hypodermic needle. He pulled off the protective cap and held it up for my Man to see, "Look Daddy, a shot!" And the fun just keeps on comin....

* We woke Easter morning and left to spend the early hours at an outdoor service with about 50 missionaries from various organizations. It wasn't fancy. It was simple and genuine and sweet. I don't think even one person was wearing anything new. It didn't matter. There was just an ease, and a sweetness in the LORD and with each other.

* We spent Easter afternoon at a party with friends from work. On our way home we drove into a political protest that had taken over the streets. Protesters had positioned motorcycles to block traffic and people swarmed the road. We crept slowly through and as people noticed Americans were in the car they would raise their arms and cheer. My beloved Africans. They love America. When they saw us, they saw the representation of what they were marching for.

There are many other delicacies on the shelves that I haven't shared and still many more being prepared for me by the FATHER.
And just like every bakery has that sweet aroma, it is my earnest desire that each of these experiences, each moment of my time in this, our land, will be that sweet aroma before HIM.

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  1. Oh, Carrie,

    the fun just keeps on coming. Love ya girl! And you have got some crazy good writing skills!