Monday, August 6, 2012

Joy in the Journey

Our church meets on Sunday nights.  So most Sunday mornings we spend laying around the house and (gasp!) resting.  I love it.  
That's how we thought we were going to spend this Sunday morning as well.  Our plans changed, though, when we found out that a car was on its way to pick us up for an outing we hadn't planned on attending.  I am glad for the mistake because it led us to have my favorite day in Guinea so far.

We drove about an hour out of Conakry and then turned off the paved road onto a bumpy dirt road that led through small villages in thick grass. The large, rumbling vehicle felt like a crude intruder;  its constitution a contrast to the quiet primitive world it was barreling through.  
We weren't meant to ride through this world, peering through windows like spectators. Its simplicity demanded that we join.  
Just feet to dirt.   
We eagerly responded, delivering ourselves from the prison of the vehicle to began the hike.  Now we were part of it, part of the sounds and the smells and the experience.
Curlygirl said, " I could walk forever".

Eventually, we had to arrive at our destination--beautiful, flowing waterfalls.  They were amazing. Breathtaking even. The kids swam and splashed and buried themselves in its powerful cascades.  My Man led them carefully across the rocks where they could climb and explore.  It was a surreal experience. 

and yet, none of it compared to the walk it took to get there.  

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