Monday, August 20, 2012

The Trumpet

Ramadan is over.
I know this because this morning trumpets, drums and other instruments I didn't know were even present in Guinea, shocked us out of a deep, comfortable sleep.  Once the surprise of being awoken by a brass band in a third world country subsided, it was incredibly exciting.  I went to my kids who were confusedly calling out for me and we all headed up to the top floor to see if we could spot the musicians through the dark.  We discovered they were playing outside the gate of our next door neighbor. It was meant to be a joyous alert that their month of fasting was complete.
I am not Muslim, but I still couldn't help but feel excited. The whole thing reminded me of something which is precious to JESUS lovers like myself.  One day we're going to hear a trumpet too!
Exciting, right?!
A time is coming when, like my friends and neighbors here, my fast will come to an end. Life is wonderful but if you love JESUS, this is a time and a place of fasting.  GOD's SPIRIT in us has made us hungry---really really hungry for things we can't see, for a place where we don't yet live.  We hunger and thirst after a PERSON that we long to be with all the time.  Truly, HE is present with us here. It is glorious! But I am really hungry. I am hungry to see HIS face and live in HIS KINGdom and walk and talk with HIM in person.  For now, while HE is bringing all things into order, it's our time to fast.  We eat the temporal food of this world, we endure ugliness and contempt for the NAME of JESUS.  WE are ridiculed, criticized and  marked as intolerant when the reality is that those who love GOD, love people.  But, when the last trumpet blasts, our fast will end and the feast will begin!

When I hear that trumpet, unlike this morning, I hope it doesn't catch me living my life all snuggled up in slumber. After all, trumpets are significantly more enjoyable when you are expecting them to play..

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  1. that was encouraging. thanks. may we hunger for that Day!